Kenneth Guan

Software engineer with a background in financial audits
and a passion for creating compelling products.


Hi! My name is Kenneth and I am a software engineer currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to pursuing programming, I was a senior auditor for a CPA firm where I led teams of staff on financial audits of different entities.

To automate some of my work, I had set up some macros in some of my excel spreadsheets using VBA which led me to programming. While I had a lot of experience with accounting and auditing, I ultimately felt that my career (while dynamic) was not what I wanted to do as my true passion was to be able to provide more value in my work and to create and build useful and engaging products. As I studied programming further in my free time, programming and the technologies used clicked with me in a way that accounting and auditing never did.

My current experience include building applications with a variety of tools including React, Redux, Javascript and Ruby on Rails. I hope to work with an organization where I can make an impact and would love to hear from you.


QandA is a fullstack web application inspired by Quora that allows users to ask questions, answer questions, and comment on answers.

Bone Meats Kibble

BoneMeetsKibble is an application where dog owners can find playmates for their dogs.


BBallStats is a data visualization application that allows users to compare season statistics of NBA franchises from 2000-2020.